In a bold move to compete with tech giants Apple and Google, Meta has recently started the experiment of launching its own in-house app store. This strategic decision marks a significant step forward for Meta, positioning itself as a major player in the app distribution market and challenging the dominance of the existing app store duopoly.

This would enable developers to showcase their apps, and also facilitate direct downloads for users, without them leaving the social network as updated by sources.

It is observed that Meta is planning to allow people directly download apps through Facebook ads in the E. It will set the company up to eventually compete with Google and Apple’s app stores. The new type of ad is set to start as a pilot with a handful of Android app developers as soon as later this year.

One of the primary concerns developers have with existing app stores is the revenue split. Both Apple and Google charge a substantial percentage of app sales and in-app purchases, leaving developers with a smaller share of the profits. Meta’s in-house app store will offer a more developer-friendly revenue model, potentially providing developers with a higher percentage of their app’s earnings. This could be a game-changer for smaller developers and independent creators, allowing them to generate more revenue from their hard work and creativity.

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