Meta’s Threads app reaches 30 Million users in less than a day!

Meta’s new app- Threads has become the fastest-growing app of all time. It has added a mammoth 30 million plus active users to the platform. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had updated that Threads is rapidly adding users and its the beginning of something special. Threads got a thumbs up from the market & it’s certainly the beginning of a new era in social networking, where meaningful connections and collaborations are at the forefront. 

Twitter threatens legal action over Meta’s new Threads app

Twitter has issued a stern warning to Meta, the parent company of Facebook, regarding its newly launched app, Threads. Twitter has expressed concerns over potential intellectual property infringement and has threatened legal action against Meta. This recent development highlights the intensifying rivalry between the two social media giants and raises questions about the future of the Threads app. Let’s delve into the details surrounding Twitter’s threats and their implications for the social media industry.

Instagram allows to add up to three collaborators on posts & reels

Collaboration has always been at the heart of Instagram, and we believe that creative minds can achieve incredible things when they come together. With this latest update, Instagram is making it easier than ever with three collaborators on posts and reels for the creators to connect, create, and collaborate with their favorite accounts, friends, and influencers. 

Twitter Tests Voice and Video Calls in DMs

Twitter’s working on new voice and video elements within its DM UI. This will provide more utility in the app, and make it easier to stay in touch with friends. A Twitter Executive confirms that this could be another way to expand Twitter’s utility and a step forward to fulfill Elon Musk’s aim to convert the platform into an ‘everything app’. 

Youtube stops playing Videos for Users with Ad Blockers

YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform, recently took a significant step in its ongoing battle against ad blockers. In a bid to protect its advertising revenue and ensure a fair ecosystem for content creators, YouTube has implemented a feature that stops playing videos for users with ad blockers enabled.

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